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"Family comes first for me. Let me protect your rights and family."

James F. Pagels, Attorney at Law

Benaway & Pagels, P.C. serves Gaylord, Grayling, Johannesburg, Lewiston, Atlanta, Elmira, Wolverine, Vanderbilt, Waters, Indian River, Cheboygan, Mio, Fairview, Boyne City, Boyne Falls and the rest of northern Michigan.


Divorce is never easy.  Filing for divorce is a big step that should only be taken after serious contemplation. The addition of children adds further complexity to the dynamic. Benaway and Pagels, P.C. will help guide you through your divorce every step of the way. We will aggressively fight for your rights with firm and fair representation. Whether you are considering filing or have been served by your spouse, contact us right away so we can help.